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Garden lights

Variety of garden lights availabe for your garden!
In need for the perfect garden light? Check out our large range of garden lights from ground spotlights, spike lights to decorative standing lights all with IP classification.Transform your garden and check out our range of garden lights today!

Garden lights
508 Items
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  1. Romantic-outdoor-wall-lamp-dark-gray---Oxford
    Romantic outdoor wall lamp dark gray - Oxford
    €44.95 €21.95
  2. Outdoor-lamp-post-anthracite-80-cm-IP44---Rox
    Outdoor lamp post anthracite 80 cm IP44 - Rox
    €39.95 €21.95
  3. Solar-wall-light-IP44-steel-incl.-LED---Boston
    Solar wall light IP44 steel incl. LED - Boston
    €39.95 €18.95
  4. Industrial-Outdoor-Pole-50cm-Black-IP44---Sutton
    Industrial Outdoor Pole 50cm Black IP44 - Sutton
    €99.95 €53.95
  5. Modern-outdoor-lamp-pole-steel-45-cm-IP44---Rox
    Modern outdoor lamp pole steel 45 cm IP44 - Rox
    €32.95 €19.95
  6. Puncture-steel-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-set-of-3-IP44---Rox
    Puncture steel incl. LED on solar energy set of 3 IP44 - Rox
    €39.95 €16.95
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  7. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Anthracite-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Anthracite IP44 - Duo
  8. Design-outdoor-lamp-black-40-cm-IP44---Schiedam
    Design outdoor lamp black 40 cm IP44 - Schiedam
    €42.95 €39.95
  9. Ground-Flood-Spotlight-Radius-2-PIR-10W-LED-Dark-Grey
    Ground Flood Spotlight Radius 2 PIR 10W LED Dark Grey
    €44.95 €4.95
  10. Spike-spot-steel-adjustable-IP44---Solo
    Spike spot steel adjustable IP44 - Solo
    €36.95 €34.95
  11. Modern-wall-lamp-black-GU10-AR70-IP54---Baleno-II
    Modern wall lamp black GU10 AR70 IP54 - Baleno II
    €59.95 €54.95
  12. Modern-Outdoor-Pole-45cm-Dark-Grey-IP44---Malios
    Modern Outdoor Pole 45cm Dark Grey IP44 - Malios
    €44.95 €21.95
  13. lampandlight-forest

  14. Vintage-outdoor-wall-lantern-bronze---Antigua
    Vintage outdoor wall lantern bronze - Antigua
    €49.95 €34.95
  15. Country-standing-lamp-110-cm-black-IP44---Anna
    Country standing lamp 110 cm black IP44 - Anna
    €109.00 €64.95
  16. Design-outdoor-wall-lamp-black-IP44---Schiedam
    Design outdoor wall lamp black IP44 - Schiedam
    €42.95 €39.95
  17. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Gleam
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Gleam
    €59.95 €32.95
  18. Industrial-ceiling-lamp-black-IP44---Charlois
    Industrial ceiling lamp black IP44 - Charlois
    €64.95 €59.95
  19. Modern-wall-lamp-dark-gray-IP44---Sapphire-Deluxe
    Modern wall lamp dark gray IP44 - Sapphire Deluxe
    €26.95 €16.95
  20. Classic-outdoor-lamp-black-127.5-cm-IP44---New-Orleans
    Classic outdoor lamp black 127.5 cm IP44 - New Orleans
    €49.95 €23.95
  21. Outdoor-wall-lantern-anthracite-incl.-LED-and-solar---New-York
    Outdoor wall lantern anthracite incl. LED and solar - New York
    €59.95 €27.95
  22. Round-outdoor-lamp-stainless-steel-with-motion-sensor-incl.-LED---Lillie
    Round outdoor lamp stainless steel with motion sensor incl. LED - Lillie
    €99.95 €92.95
  23. Modern-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey-IP44-with-Twilight-Switch---Emmerald-1
    Modern Wall Lamp Dark Grey IP44 with Twilight Switch - Emmerald 1
    €44.95 €29.95
  24. Industrial-wall-lamp-black-26-cm-IP44---Charlois
    Industrial wall lamp black 26 cm IP44 - Charlois
    €44.95 €39.95
  25. Modern-wall-lamp-black-26.8-cm-IP44---Jarra
    Modern wall lamp black 26.8 cm IP44 - Jarra
  26. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Black-with-Motion-Sensor-IP44---Rotterdam-1
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Black with Motion Sensor IP44 - Rotterdam 1
    €99.95 €44.95
  27. Classic-outdoor-lamp-black-170cm-IP44---New-Orleans-1
    Classic outdoor lamp black 170cm IP44 - New Orleans 1
    €54.95 €46.95
  28. Design-standing-outdoor-lamp-black-100-cm-IP44---Schiedam
    Design standing outdoor lamp black 100 cm IP44 - Schiedam
    €64.95 €59.95
  29. Modern-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey-IP44---Emmerald-1
    Modern Wall Lamp Dark Grey IP44 - Emmerald 1
    €32.95 €12.95
  30. Wall-and-ceiling-lamp-gold-/-brass-round-IP44---Noutica
    Wall and ceiling lamp gold / brass round IP44 - Noutica
    €49.95 €44.95
  31. Modern-Rectangle-Wall-Lamp-Steel-IP44---Rotterdam-1
    Modern Rectangle Wall Lamp Steel IP44 - Rotterdam 1
    €69.95 €39.95
  32. Modern-wall-lamp-black-IP65---Houks
    Modern wall lamp black IP65 - Houks
    €39.95 €36.95
  33. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Duo
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Duo
  34. Modern-outer-pole-black-40-cm-IP55-incl.-GU10---Carlo
    Modern outer pole black 40 cm IP55 incl. GU10 - Carlo
  35. Modern-standing-outdoor-lamp-70-cm-anthracite-IP44---Denmark
    Modern standing outdoor lamp 70 cm anthracite IP44 - Denmark
    €79.95 €45.95
  36. Modern-recessed-lamp-steel-IP44---Hurricane
    Modern recessed lamp steel IP44 - Hurricane
    €29.95 €12.95
  37. Outdoor-wall-lamp-anthracite-with-motion-sensor-on-solar---Fomos
    Outdoor wall lamp anthracite with motion sensor on solar - Fomos
    €42.95 €39.95
508 Items
Set Descending Direction

Garden lights

Are you looking for suitable lamps for your garden? In this category you will find all types of garden lighting that will suit your needs. From ground and decking spotlights to spike and bollard lights, solar lights to wall lamps; everything to do with garden lighting can be found within this extensive range. Need help find the perfect or suitable garden lights? Please contact our customer service team to assist you further in finding the right garden light for you.

Design garden lights and functionality go hand in hand.

The ideal garden light can have several design functions to suit your needs; for example the perfect garden lamp cannot only be judged on design but it is also necessary to look at its quality and functionality of it. Different garden lamps can have different functions, if you are looking for a lamp that is protected against heavy downpours and harsh weather conditions you can see the large selection of IP65 and ceiling lamps we have. All of our outdoor lamps at are of good quality and are made to last for a long time to illumate your garden beautifully.

Durable and stylish garden lights.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly lamp that also serves as a decorative lighting for your garden? Then see our extensive collection of outdoor solar lights to provide you the simple solution to lighting up your garden! Our range of outdoor solar lights are of modern design without the need to wire them into your mains, with built-in solar cell design the lamp uses the sun’s energy along with an energy efficient LED light source to illuminate your garden for many years to come. Our outdoor solar lights at are not only durable but also stylish giving your garden the ultimate look!


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