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Recessed spotlights

Large range of recessed spotlights directly available to you!

Recessed spotlights are the perfect additional or sometimes can be used as main lighting when it comes to creating accent lighting. Just like spotlights, recessed lights come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your needs allowing you to choose from LED or halogen. Tiltable and adjustable recessed lights create atmospheric lighting as well as allowing light to evenly distribute in a room oor to simply highlight a corner of the room or an object. Recessed spotlights are more often used in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms as additional lighting to add or create an atmpsheric lighting. All sizing and installation information are stated for each recessed spotlight online.

Recessed spotlights
143 Items
Set Descending Direction
  1. Square-recessed-spot-gold-/-brass-swivel-and-tilt---Artemis
    Square recessed spot gold / brass swivel and tilt - Artemis
    €19.95 €10.95
  2. Round-Recessed-Spotlight-White---Edu 
    Round Recessed Spotlight White - Edu 
    €10.95 €6.95
  3. Modern-recessed-spot-white-steel-set-of-5---Rondoo
    Modern recessed spot white steel set of 5 - Rondoo
    €68.95 €29.95
  4. Recessed-spot-tilting-black---Edu
    Recessed spot tilting black - Edu
    €10.95 €8.95
  5. Recessed-spot-tilting-copper---Edu
    Recessed spot tilting copper - Edu
  6. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-steel-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Mio
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights steel incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Mio
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  7. Modern-round-recessed-spot-set-of-3-IP44---Hole
    Modern round recessed spot set of 3 IP44 - Hole
    €55.95 €48.95
  8. Set-of-10-Recessed-Spotlight-Gold---Cisco
    Set of 10 Recessed Spotlight Gold - Cisco
    €139.00 €44.95
  9. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-white-incl.-LED-IP44---Relax-LED
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights white incl. LED IP44 - Relax LED
    €39.95 €35.95
  10. Set-of-5-modern-built-in-spotlights-incl.-LED-IP67---Guard
    Set of 5 modern built-in spotlights incl. LED IP67 - Guard
    €64.95 €41.95
  11. Set-of-3-modern-recessed-spotlights-white-IP44---Gap
    Set of 3 modern recessed spotlights white IP44 - Gap
    €58.95 €22.95
  12. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-white-steel---Carree
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights white steel - Carree
    €169.00 €84.95
  13. Set-of-3-Recessed-Spotlights-5W-IP65-White---Blanca
    Set of 3 Recessed Spotlights 5W IP65 White - Blanca
    €31.95 €18.95
  14. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-black-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights black 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €48.95 €42.95
  15. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-white-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights white 3 step dimmable - Ulo
    €48.95 €38.95
  16. Recessed-spot-white-13-cm-round---Gypsy-Stucco
    Recessed spot white 13 cm round - Gypsy Stucco
    €15.95 €14.95
  17. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-white-adjustable---Qure
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights white adjustable - Qure
    €169.00 €71.95
  18. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-white-steel---Carree
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights white steel - Carree
    €83.95 €72.95
  19. Recessed-spot-black-2-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon-Honey
    Recessed spot black 2-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon Honey
    €109.00 €89.95
  20. Modern-round-recessed-spot-tiltable-white---Installa
    Modern round recessed spot tiltable white - Installa
  21. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-aluminum---Qure
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights aluminum - Qure
    €169.00 €63.95
  22. LED-panel-for-recessed-or-surface-mounting-white-incl.-LED-18W---Trans
    LED panel for recessed or surface mounting white incl. LED 18W - Trans
    €29.95 €15.95
  23. Set-of-3-modern-bathroom-recessed-spotlights-black---Xena-Square
    Set of 3 modern bathroom recessed spotlights black - Xena Square
  24. Recessed-spot-black-2-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon
    Recessed spot black 2-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon
    €89.95 €79.95
  25. Recessed-spot-black-rotatable-and-tiltable---Ude-Honey
    Recessed spot black rotatable and tiltable - Ude Honey
    €19.95 €17.95
  26. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-silver-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights silver 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €53.95 €27.95
  27. Set-of-5-Modern-Recessed-Spotlight-Steel---Rondoo
    Set of 5 Modern Recessed Spotlight Steel - Rondoo
    €68.95 €33.95
  28. Recessed-spot-black-2-light-rotatable-and-tiltable-Trimless---Oneon-Honey
    Recessed spot black 2-light rotatable and tiltable Trimless - Oneon Honey
    €84.95 €69.95
  29. Recessed-spotlight-black-rotatable-and-tiltable-trimless-3-light---Oneon-3
    Recessed spotlight black rotatable and tiltable trimless 3-light - Oneon 3
    €99.95 €41.95
  30. Modern-recessed-spot-chrome-tiltable-set-of-10---Edu
    Modern recessed spot chrome tiltable set of 10 - Edu
    €109.00 €26.95
  31. Recessed-spot-black-1-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon-Honey
    Recessed spot black 1-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon Honey
    €69.95 €59.95
  32. Moderme-bathroom-recessed-spot-black---Xena-Square
    Moderme bathroom recessed spot black - Xena Square
  33. Recessed-spot-black-1-light-GU10-AR111-Trimless---Oneon
    Recessed spot black 1-light GU10 AR111 Trimless - Oneon
    €59.95 €54.95
  34. Recessed-spot-black-rotatable-and-tiltable-trimless-2-light---Oneon-2
    Recessed spot black rotatable and tiltable trimless 2-light - Oneon 2
    €76.95 €54.95
  35. Recessed-spot-black-rotatable-and-tiltable-Trimless---Oneon-Honey
    Recessed spot black rotatable and tiltable Trimless - Oneon Honey
    €54.95 €49.95
  36. Recessed-spot-white-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Recessed spot white incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €9.95 €8.95
143 Items
Set Descending Direction

Recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights, also known as downlighters are ideal for small areas or when you are looking for directional lighting allowing you to rotate or tilt to an area where you would like to put focus on, they are available as LED or halogen. If you group several adjustable recessed spotlights you can distribute light evenly through a room. Looking to add a bit of colour into a bathroom or living room? How about using RGB recessed spotlights that allows you to change colour via remote control, with the LED bulb, you are guaranteed years of lighting and different colours that is sure to make a statement in any room.

Ceiling spotlights suitable for every Style!

No matter what type of style or decor you have, recessed ceiling spotlights can be applied to any design. You can choose shapes and sizes, along with if it includes LED or suitable for LED bulbs. You can tilt or rotate the spotlights to throw light in a corner of your home or to highlight and focus on an object such as paintings or canvases. Recessed Spotlights can bring a room to light, with several of them clustered on a ceiling or wall, you can give your home or office more of an atmosphere. Why not choose recessed lights as your main down lighters, and have Floor lamp or table lamps to provide extra lighting in areas of your room. Check out our extensive range of spotlights.

Need help or advise when it comes to Recessed spotlights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right recessed spotlight. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.


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