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Create more ambiance with pendant lights!

Pendant lighting sets the tone in your living, dining or bedroom! See our wide range of hanging lights. From industrial pendant lamps to affordable modern pendant lighting, lampandlight, we have it all - and at great prices too!

Pendant lights
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Are you looking for a pendant lighting?

Then is the right place to buy. Hanging lights are among the most sought-after lighting fixtures. And why is that? A pentant light on your ceiling immediately adds something to your space. With a hanging light you can immediately provide the living room, dining room or bedroom with a cozy look. Pendant lights are also multi-purpose: they are there to guarantee atmosphere, but also to be able to work optimally with functional lighting. We have selected a wide range of beautiful hanging lights for you so that you can easily have an overview of which pendant lights we all offer. You will undoubtedly find your ideal hanging lamp at !

Why should I choose a hanging light?

Pendant lights are functional: a hanging lamp often forms the basis in the living room or bedroom. It is a lamp that can serve perfectly as basic lighting. They are also able to illuminate a large surface (think of the dining table or your desk), which is a great advantage!

Pendant lights create atmosphere: even if a hanging lamp is functional, it also works well as an atmosphere lamp! Choose a pleasant finish for the lamp such as bamboo, rattan or silk/fabric. These materials always provide a cozy light effect in the room. Do you prefer sleek or robust finishes? Then use a dimmable light source to create that cozy atmosphere in the evening.

Save space with pendant lamps: they don't have to take up much space at all. Hanging lamps create an open character in your interior because they hang!

What types of hanging lights are there?

At we have lamps in different styles such as industrial, modern or rural hanging lamps. Choose your favorite from our endless range!

Where is the best place to hang a pendant lamp?

There are many different places where a hanging lamp can come into its own. The most common areas are the hall, the living room, the bedroom or above the dining table. Many hanging lamps are adjustable in height, which makes it easy to determine the height above the dining table: the distance between the table and the bottom of a hanging lamp must be at least 60 centimetres.

What materials are pendant lamps made from at ?

Does the range include hanging lamps that are adjustable in height?

At we have hanging pendant lamps that are adjustable in height. That makes them practical, flexible and versatile! This way you can enjoy your hanging lamp for years to come.

What are special features of pendant lights?

Hanging lamps with touch dimmer: you can operate these hanging lamps via the touch dimmer on the fixture. You create a cozy atmosphere or a functional working environment in no time!

Smart hanging lamps: smart functionalities can no longer be ignored in the home. We also have smart hanging lamps available at . These come with a smart light source so you can easily dim the lamp or change it to any color you want with an app or your home smart assistant.

Hanging lamps including LED module: the great advantage of integrated LED is that you do not have to order a separate light source and that you can enjoy this lamp for years! Integrated LED lasts an average of 40,000 - 50,000 burning hours. That's really a lot! A hanging lamp with an LED module is therefore a real investment in your home. These lamps are also often dimmable, so you can quickly switch between functional lighting and atmospheric lighting.

How can I easily hide the cable?

You can easily hide the cord of the hanging lamp in the mounting plate. You can then determine the length of the cable yourself, and you can hide the rest in the mounting plate. Dissolved!

We have listed our most popular hanging lamps for you:

Prefer personal help?

Do you still have questions about finding your perfect pendant lamp? With our live chat function you will get in direct contact with one of our employees and you will receive answers to all your questions about our hanging lights.

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