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Outdoor wall lights

Large collection of outdoor wall lamps available to order!
Revamp your outdoor space with our range of wall lights in various sizes, styles and colours as well as motion sensors, twilight switch and solar powered! Wall lights provide a sense of security as well as atmospheric and decorative lighting.

Outdoor wall lights
256 Items
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  1. Solar-wall-light-IP44-steel-incl.-LED---Boston
    Solar wall light IP44 steel incl. LED - Boston
    €39.95 €17.95
  2. Romantic-outdoor-wall-lamp-dark-gray---Oxford
    Romantic outdoor wall lamp dark gray - Oxford
    €44.95 €24.95
  3. Modern-wall-lamp-black-GU10-AR70-IP54---Baleno-II
    Modern wall lamp black GU10 AR70 IP54 - Baleno II
    €59.95 €54.95
  4. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Anthracite-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Anthracite IP44 - Duo
  5. Ground-Flood-Spotlight-Radius-2-PIR-10W-LED-Dark-Grey
    Ground Flood Spotlight Radius 2 PIR 10W LED Dark Grey
    €44.95 €4.95
  6. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-stainless-steel-milk-glass-IP44---Kristof
    Modern outdoor wall lamp stainless steel milk glass IP44 - Kristof
    €34.95 €27.95
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  7. Vintage-outdoor-wall-lantern-bronze---Antigua
    Vintage outdoor wall lantern bronze - Antigua
    €49.95 €34.95
  8. Design-outdoor-wall-lamp-black-IP44---Schiedam
    Design outdoor wall lamp black IP44 - Schiedam
    €42.95 €39.95
  9. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Gleam
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Gleam
    €59.95 €36.95
  10. Round-outdoor-lamp-stainless-steel-with-motion-sensor-incl.-LED---Lillie
    Round outdoor lamp stainless steel with motion sensor incl. LED - Lillie
    €99.95 €89.95
  11. Modern-wall-lamp-dark-gray-IP44---Sapphire-Deluxe
    Modern wall lamp dark gray IP44 - Sapphire Deluxe
    €26.95 €18.95
  12. Modern-recessed-lamp-steel-IP44---Hurricane
    Modern recessed lamp steel IP44 - Hurricane
    €29.95 €13.95
  13. lampandlight-forest

  14. Industrial-wall-lamp-black-26-cm-IP44---Charlois
    Industrial wall lamp black 26 cm IP44 - Charlois
    €44.95 €39.95
  15. Modern-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey-IP44-with-Twilight-Switch---Emmerald-1
    Modern Wall Lamp Dark Grey IP44 with Twilight Switch - Emmerald 1
    €44.95 €32.95
  16. Modern-wall-lamp-black-26.8-cm-IP44---Jarra
    Modern wall lamp black 26.8 cm IP44 - Jarra
  17. Outdoor-wall-lantern-anthracite-incl.-LED-and-solar---New-York
    Outdoor wall lantern anthracite incl. LED and solar - New York
    €59.95 €27.95
  18. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-black-IP44-incl.-LED---Ovum
    Modern outdoor wall lamp black IP44 incl. LED - Ovum
    €54.95 €31.95
  19. Wall-and-ceiling-lamp-gold-/-brass-round-IP44---Noutica
    Wall and ceiling lamp gold / brass round IP44 - Noutica
    €49.95 €44.95
  20. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Duo
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Duo
  21. Modern-Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey-incl.-LED---Opacus
    Modern Outdoor Wall Lamp Dark Grey incl. LED - Opacus
    €99.95 €39.95
  22. Classic-outdoor-lantern-wall-down-dark-gray-IP44---Platar
    Classic outdoor lantern wall down dark gray IP44 - Platar
    €64.95 €32.95
  23. Modern-wall-lamp-black-IP65---Houks
    Modern wall lamp black IP65 - Houks
    €39.95 €36.95
  24. Country-wall-light-black-IP44---Bussum
    Country wall light black IP44 - Bussum
    €89.95 €79.95
  25. Outdoor-wall-lamp-anthracite-with-motion-sensor-on-solar---Fomos
    Outdoor wall lamp anthracite with motion sensor on solar - Fomos
    €42.95 €39.95
  26. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Black-with-Motion-Sensor-IP44---Rotterdam-1
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Black with Motion Sensor IP44 - Rotterdam 1
    €99.95 €49.95
  27. Industrial-wall-lamp-black-38-cm-2-light-IP44---Charlois
    Industrial wall lamp black 38 cm 2-light IP44 - Charlois
    €59.95 €54.95
  28. Design-outdoor-wall-lamp-silver-incl.-LED-2-lights---Silly
    Design outdoor wall lamp silver incl. LED 2-lights - Silly
    €36.95 €33.95
  29. Wall-lamp-with-motion-and-light-dark-sensor-on-solar---Daya
    Wall lamp with motion and light-dark sensor on solar - Daya
    €22.95 €19.95
  30. Exterior-wall-light-black-IP44-with-light-dark-sensor---Miro
    Exterior wall light black IP44 with light-dark sensor - Miro
    €44.95 €26.95
  31. Wall-and-ceiling-light-gold-IP44---Nautica-round
    Wall and ceiling light gold IP44 - Nautica round
    €149.00 €96.95
  32. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44-incl.-LED---Roxy
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 incl. LED - Roxy
    €49.95 €18.95
  33. Modern-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey-IP44---Emmerald-1
    Modern Wall Lamp Dark Grey IP44 - Emmerald 1
    €32.95 €11.95
  34. Design-wall-lamp-silver-incl.-LED-4-light-IP54---Silly
    Design wall lamp silver incl. LED 4-light IP54 - Silly
    €54.95 €49.95
  35. Wall-and-ceiling-light-chrome-IP44---Nautica-round
    Wall and ceiling light chrome IP44 - Nautica round
  36. Wall-and-Ceiling-Lamp-Grey-IP65-incl.-3W-LED-GX53---Bertina
    Wall and Ceiling Lamp Grey IP65 incl. 3W LED GX53 - Bertina
    €32.95 €14.95
  37. Outdoor-lamp-rust-brown-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Daphne
    Outdoor lamp rust brown with motion sensor IP44 - Daphne
    €109.00 €89.95
256 Items
Set Descending Direction

Outdoor wall lights

An outdoor wall light is perfect for outdoor areas where you would like to make a statement and create an ambiance or simply for security purposes to have motion detection when in need of lighting. Choose from different styles and function of a large range of outdoor wall lights from classic to more modern and industrial designs, you will find them all at!

Find the perfect finish, style and size outdoor wall light!

A variety of beautiful outdoor wall lights are available ranging from different styles and function, whatever is suitable for your needs you are sure to find it with us! Extensive range of wall lights suitable for your chosen outdoor space which will also fit in well with the rest of your home design. Choose from classic lantern wall lamps in which you can choose a decorative LED bulb to go with it to vintage and industrial maritime wall lamp to a more modern up and down wall lighter. Choose outdoor wall lamps with motion sensors or flood lights that are fully equipped with LED lights and solar panels. With its weather resistant and water proof casings, there are many outdoor wall lamps ranging from IP44s-IP67s depending on where you want to mount it. Wall lamps can bring your outdoor area to light, striking designs and styles with colour choices and sizes, our range of wall lights are sure to make a statement in your chosen outdoor area. With several of them clustered in your terrace or porch you can give your outdoor space a more of an atmosphere and distribute light evenly throughout. Why not choose LED wall lights as your main light, and have an outdoor floor lamp or pendant lamp to provide extra lighting in your terrace or decking area.

Need help finding the ideal outdoor pendant light? Let us help you.

At you will find a large selection of outdoor wall lights, therefore choosing the right one that is suitable for your needs could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find the ideal light!


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