Commercial lighting

As a business customer, you will benefit from special offers, exclusive discounts and always pay the lowest price at lampandlight. Our QAZQA Professional collection is also specially tailored to the business customer. This lighting is exclusive to business customers as well as being easy to install.

Why order commercially?

  • Always the lowest price! - As a business customer you always pay the lowest price at lampandlight, with exclusive discounts. If the promotional discount at lampandlight is higher than the standard discount, an additional discount will be added to it to give you a good margin on every order.
  • Exclusive discount on the QAZQA Professional collection - This product line is fully tailored to the needs of our business partners. For instance, the installation process is extra easy and the line consists of a wide selection of (recessed) spotlights and track lighting. QAZQA Professional falls outside the normal offers on lampandlight, but your discount as a business customer still applies!

*View the explanation of our loyalty bonus for business customers here!




The essence of corporate lighting


Good business lighting is essential for the corporate image. At lampandlight, we are aware that every sector has different needs and that this also influences the choice of lighting. Whether it be office buildings, catering establishments, professional outdoor lighting or service and commercial enterprises. Our wide range of products ensures that our lighting is suitable for every business use. Both functional and atmosphere enhancing.


Depending on the type of room (both the dimensions, the interior and the style of this space), it is important to take a number of things into consideration. The lighting plan is particularly decisive. Where and how many light points are placed is the basis for the usability of a room. For a work-friendly environment, sufficient lumens are also important, whereas the hospitality industry mainly revolves around an inviting atmosphere. If required, our team of technical lighting consultants can provide support in drawing up a lighting plan and/or selecting commercial lighting.


Focus on sustainability

For both employees and customers, sustainability is increasingly a decisive factor when it comes to choosing a particular organisation. Lighting can contribute to this by focusing on sustainable LED lighting. Especially when an organisation still uses halogen or incandescent bulbs, there are benefits to be gained here. If LED lighting is already being used, smart integration can be chosen to further reduce energy consumption. These lights can be switched on and off automatically, can be controlled remotely and can be integrated with other smart devices. This allows everything to be managed centrally.


QAZQA Professional

Our QAZQA Professional line includes a wide range of track lighting as well as recessed and surface-mounted spotlights. Perfect for adding accent lighting or for working creatively with indirect light. As a business customer, you will benefit from exclusive discounts on QAZQA Professional products!

  • Always the lowest price!
  • Exclusive discount on QAZQA Professional
  • Free professional lighting advice