LED ceiling spotlights

LED recessed spotlights in a diverse range of colours, sizes and shapes!

LED recessed spotlights gives your chosen space a clean and stylish look, with our range of different colours and sizes you are sure to find what you are looking for! Majority of our LED recessed spotlights are tiltable, allowing you to directable distribute light where it suits you best, due to their long life span and low energy consumption LED recessed spotlights are perfect for area where lighting is needed and used the most! From sleek and stylish finishes to a variety of different cut outs and diameters, you will find the perfect LED recessed spotlight to suit your space!

LED ceiling spotlights
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  1. Art-Deco-Ceiling-Spotlight-Brass---Mosh-3
    Art Deco Ceiling Spotlight Brass - Mosh 3
    €74.95 €63.95
  2. Modern-spot-steel-adjustable-incl.-LED---Twin-3
    Modern spot steel adjustable incl. LED - Twin 3
    €94.95 €35.95
  3. Design-ceiling-spot-silver-round-3-lights---Avril
    Design ceiling spot silver round 3-lights - Avril
    €76.95 €20.95
  4. Ceiling-and-wall-spot-steel-swivel-and-tiltable-2-light---Nadia
    Ceiling and wall spot steel swivel and tiltable 2-light - Nadia
  5. Modern-spot-white---Tuba-2
    Modern spot white - Tuba 2
    €29.95 €20.95
  6. Industrial-spot-steel-4-light-swivel-and-tilt---Suplux
    Industrial spot steel 4-light swivel and tilt - Suplux
    €76.95 €54.95
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  7. Ceiling-spot-gray-swivel-and-tiltable---Coney-4
    Ceiling spot gray swivel and tiltable - Coney 4
    €76.95 €38.95
  8. Ceiling-spot-gray-swivel-and-tiltable-3-light---Plan
    Ceiling spot gray swivel and tiltable 3-light - Plan
    €64.95 €29.95
  9. Modern-Ceiling-Lamp-5-Steel---Nadia
    Modern Ceiling Lamp 5 Steel - Nadia
    €82.95 €61.95
  10. Modern-Ceiling-Spotlight-Copper-with-Black---Mesh-3
    Modern Ceiling Spotlight Copper with Black - Mesh 3
  11. Art-Deco-Ceiling-Spotlight-Black---Mosh-3
    Art Deco Ceiling Spotlight Black - Mosh 3
  12. Modern-Globe-Adjustable-Spotlights-2-Matte-Gold---Watcher
    Modern Globe Adjustable Spotlights 2 Matte Gold - Watcher
    €109.00 €56.95
  13. mega-sale

  14. Industrial-spot-steel-2-light-swivel-and-tilt---Suplux
    Industrial spot steel 2-light swivel and tilt - Suplux
    €44.95 €39.95
  15. Rural-3-light-ceiling-spot-wood-with-white---Thorin
    Rural 3-light ceiling spot wood with white - Thorin
  16. Ceiling-spot-rusty-brown-swivel-and-tilt---Coney-4
    Ceiling spot rusty brown swivel and tilt - Coney 4
    €76.95 €52.95
  17. Modern-ceiling-spot-white-incl.-GU10-3-lights---Vince
    Modern ceiling spot white incl. GU10 3-lights - Vince
    €169.00 €159.00
  18. Ceiling-spot-gray-round-swivel-and-tiltable-3-light---Plan
    Ceiling spot gray round swivel and tiltable 3-light - Plan
    €64.95 €30.95
  19. Ceiling-spotlight-bronze-rotatable-and-tiltable---Karin-3
    Ceiling spotlight bronze rotatable and tiltable - Karin 3
    €49.95 €39.95
  20. Ceiling-spot-steel-swivel-and-tiltable-curl---Karin-3
    Ceiling spot steel swivel and tiltable curl - Karin 3
    €59.95 €42.95
  21. Industriele-plafond--en-wandspot-antiek-zilver-met-hout---Torce
    Industriele plafond- en wandspot antiek zilver met hout - Torce
  22. Country-Square-Ceiling-Spotlight-Concrete-Grey---Qubo
    Country Square Ceiling Spotlight Concrete Grey - Qubo
  23. Spotlight-Magda-2-Bronze
    Spotlight Magda 2 Bronze
    €39.95 €18.95
  24. Ceiling-spot-gray-swivel-and-tiltable-2-light---Plan
    Ceiling spot gray swivel and tiltable 2-light - Plan
    €44.95 €19.95
  25. Spotlight-Egg-1-Dark-Grey
    Spotlight Egg 1 Dark Grey
    €16.95 €12.95
  26. Wall-and-ceiling-spotlight-gray-rotatable-and-tiltable-1-light---Plan
    Wall and ceiling spotlight gray rotatable and tiltable 1-light - Plan
    €22.95 €11.95
  27. Modern-ceiling-spot-white-47-cm-incl.-GU10-4-lights---Vince
    Modern ceiling spot white 47 cm incl. GU10 4-lights - Vince
  28. Modern-Ceiling-Spotlight-3-Black-incl.-G9-LED---Kaya-
    Modern Ceiling Spotlight 3 Black incl. G9 LED - Kaya
  29. Ceiling-and-wall-spot-steel-tiltable-incl.-LED---Bart-2
    Ceiling and wall spot steel tiltable incl. LED - Bart 2
    €39.95 €20.95
  30. Modern-spot-black-with-gold-4-light---Magno
    Modern spot black with gold 4-light - Magno
  31. Modern-ceiling-spot-gray-47-cm-incl.-GU10-4-lights---Vince
    Modern ceiling spot gray 47 cm incl. GU10 4-lights - Vince
  32. Tough-black-3-spot-spotlight---Fors
    Tough black 3-spot spotlight - Fors
  33. Modern-ceiling-spot-gray-incl.-GU10-3-lights---Vince
    Modern ceiling spot gray incl. GU10 3-lights - Vince
  34. Industriele-spot-antiek-zilver-met-hout-3-lichts---Torce
    Industriele spot antiek zilver met hout 3-lichts - Torce
  35. Ceiling-spot-steel-2-light-swivel-and-tilt---Tommy
    Ceiling spot steel 2-light swivel and tilt - Tommy
246 Items
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Buy LED ceiling spotlights?

Start transforming your home and replace your old standard and regular ceiling spotlights with energy efficient and longer lasting LED ceiling spotlights! Wide range of LED ceiling spotlights that will easily become part of your decor and style, a choice of colour finishes and designs that will compelement any other lights you have. Shop now for a wide choice of affordable LED ceiling lights!

Save money on your energy bill with our collection of LED ceiling spotlights!

You'll find that we have a large collection LED ceiling spotlights that come in many styles and designs, you'll find a single LED ceiling spotlight or a 4 arm LED ceiling spotlight which with have built-in LED lighting or are suitable for LED bulbs. Our range of LED ceiling spotlights are not only beautiful in design but are efficient and functional that will work and fit very well into your chosen or existing decor, styles ranging from sleek and slime lines modern LED ceiling spotlights to more robust and rugged steel or concrete single or multiple spotlights finished with decorative and atmospheric LED bulbs. Rotating and tilting LED ceiling spotlights to highlight an object or to be used as directional lighting will be perfect as part of your kitchen lighting, most of our LED ceiling lights can complement pendant lights, chandeliers and wall lights and some even come in matching sets. Charming round LED ceiling spotlights bring character and style into your living room or bedroom, allowing you to match it with the rest of your decor, if you have a modern and sleek decor why not go for our large range of white or steel LED ceiling spotlights, or a more rustic and retro look copper LED ceiling spotlights with mesh wire shades that emits beautiful lighting with decorative LED bulbs. Endless choices when it comes to our large range of LED ceiling spotlights that is sure to captivate and enhance your chosen room!

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing LED ceiling spotlights?

At lampandlight.ie you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.

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