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B2B terms and conditions

At lampandlight, we aim to offer you as a business customer as many benefits as possible. So, the more you order, the higher the discount category you fall into. The higher the discount group you are in, the higher the discount you will receive on our products. Plus, as a business customer, you always get the lowest price. All you need is a VAT number to create an account. Once logged in, the business prices will be displayed instantly, and you will benefit from lighting at an exclusively low price.

  • Always the lowest price!
  • Exclusive discount on QAZQA Professional
  • Free professional lighting advice

"All you need is a VAT number" 

General conditions for business discount*

  • There are 4 discount groups for business customers: Members, Friends, Insiders and VIPs
  • The group a business customer qualifies for is determined per customer by the total number of orders and the customer's total order value (excluding VAT and shipping costs).
  • Each discount group has a minimum discount percentage that applies by default to the customers in this group.
  • In some offers and promotions, the discount for consumers exceeds the standard discount for business customers. When this happens, that business group receives a 'bonus discount' (B2Bonus) on top of the consumer discount applicable at that time.
  • Example: The business group 'Members' receives a fixed discount of 25% on our QAZQA range. If you find an offer with more than 25% discount, then that discount also applies to the business customer. But on top of that, as a business customer, you get an additional 5% discount.

*The stated rules and discount rates on this page may be subject to change. No rights can be derived from the conditions as described on this page.



Discount groups






25% 5%
Friend 35% 7,5%
Insider 45% 10%
VIP 55% 15%