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Tips on how to install a lamp

In here we will talk about how you can install your lamp and the different terns used such as earthed, non earthed wires and terminal blocks.

The different between ground wire and a non earthed wire

It is important to understand the difference between the cable wires when it comes to lamps, an Earthed lamp has three wires that come in different colours.

  • Yellow/Green wire: This is the ground wire, which protects against electric shock and fire by leading the current to the ground in the event of a fault. The ground wire is particularly important in damp areas to prevent short circuits. 
  • Brown wire: This is the phase conductor that supplies the lamp with power.
  • Blue wire: This is the neutral conductor that completes the electrical circuit back to the electrical panel.

If your fixture is earthed, this should always be connected to the matching yellow/green wire that should be found in the terminal block, this should be connected correctly to avoid short circuits. A terminal block is where all the electical cables are housed in the ceiling and where all cables are connected together. Connect all wires when installing a lamp via the terminal block this is the safest easiest way when connecting a lamp. It is very important to note that the power must be switched off when you are installing a lamp, as the wires that are coming out from the terminal block through your ceiling shouldn´t have any electical charge.

About voltage drop:

Voltage drop occurs when the voltage decreases along a cable due to its length and resistance, which can cause the lamp to not shine as brightly or not work optimally with dimmers. To minimize voltage drop, keep the cables as short as possible.

What is a transformer?

If you want to convert a high alternating current such as 230V into a low alternating voltage such as 12V light you will need a transformer. This will ensure that the current is converted from 230V to 12V. A good example of a transformer is the adapter of your laptop or the charger of your phone. How does a transformer work? A 230V current is connected to a transformer, in which this ensures that the current is converted from 230V to 12V (safer voltage)