Extended warranty

Why choose the extended warranty?

The extended warranty gives you three years' extra security on top of the two-year statutory European warranty. That means that you will be protected against damage from short-circuits, water and any other defects that may occur with the lamp for this period. Above all, this gives you peace of mind. Because take it from us, we will never make life difficult for you.

Statutory warranty period Three-year extended warranty
Two years Five years


How does the extended warranty protect me?


Short-circuit damage

Short circuits can happen in no time. This often happens when one or more electrical wires touch when connecting the lamp. This can destroy your beautiful lamp. Is this covered under the statutory warranty? No, but with the 3-year extra extended warranty, you no longer have to worry about this.


Fall and impact damage

Accidents happen before you know it. Did you not mount your lamp quite right, or is there some other cause that has damaged your lamp? That is very unpleasant. Fortunately, even fall and impact damage is covered by our insurance package. You can then have your broken lamp replaced for a new one.


Water damage

Has your lamp been damaged due to coming into contact with water? Then you can have your product replaced with a new one. We do of course expect that you only place the lamp in a place that it is intended for. If you do not know exactly which lamp to place where, read our article on IP values (link:What are IP values page) for more information.


Non-replaceable LED

Non-replaceable LED means that the light is already integrated in the light fitting. The light module is fixed in the lamp. So there is no need to order a separate bulb with your purchased lamp. You cannot remove this LED module from the lamp and so you also cannot replace. That makes it very annoying if the lamp fails. With the extended warranty, you are covered and you will get a new lamp from us.


Can I get the extended warranty with every product and how much does it cost?

No Products that are less than €25,00 are not covered by the extended warranty nor are light bulbs and accessories. If a product does meet the conditions, the extended warranty costs 15% of the product price, with a minimum of €10,00. It is indicated for each product whether you can purchase an additional extended warranty with it.


How can I buy the extended warranty?

When selecting a product, you have the option of adding the Extra extended warranty to your shopping trolley. You can tick this option. The extended warranty is added to your order when you then continue the ordering process'. Of course, opting for the extended warranty is not mandatory.


How do we refund a broken lamp?

If your product is broken and you have opted for the additional extended warranty, there is not much you need to do. Contact our customer service. Tell us what happened, attach a photo and send us your name and address. We can then immediately see whether you are covered by the extended warranty.

If we agree to cover you, the following will happen

  1. Under the extra Certainty, we always give you the same product
  2. If the same product is no longer available, we will give you an equivalent product
  3. If there is no equivalent product, you will receive a credit note equal to the purchase value
  4. We do not refund you any money

In the event of fraud, lampandlight has the right to unilaterally cancel the extended warranty and credit the purchase value of the extended warranty pro rata.