Outdoor lighting

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Outdoor lamps are ideal when you're in need for extra lighting for security or decorative purposes. We stock a large range of outdoor lights perfectly suited for your garden, decking, porch and driveways in all shapes and sizes with multifunctional use. All of our outdoor lights come complete with IP ratings to protect them against water ranging from IP44s to IP67s. Among our large range you will also find LED garden lights, stainless steel lights and decorative lighting to suit your needs.

Outdoor lighting
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  1. Recessed-spotlight-silver-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Recessed spotlight silver incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €10.95 €8.95
  2. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-dark-gray-incl.-LED-IP54---Sandstone-1
    Modern outdoor wall lamp dark gray incl. LED IP54 - Sandstone 1
  3. Ceiling-light-IP44-3-step-dimmable-incl.-LED-17-cm---Steve
    Ceiling light IP44 3-step dimmable incl. LED 17 cm - Steve
    €32.95 €19.95
  4. Industriële-buitenwandlamp-zwart-IP44---Sutton-Up
    Industriële buitenwandlamp zwart IP44 - Sutton Up
  5. Ground-spot-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-IP44---Tiny
    Ground spot incl. LED on solar energy IP44 - Tiny
    €21.95 €11.95
  6. Classic-outdoor-lantern-wall-down-dark-gray-IP44---Platar
    Classic outdoor lantern wall down dark gray IP44 - Platar
    €64.95 €32.95
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  7. Table-lamp-anthracite-flame-effect-incl.-LED-on-solar-IP44---Carmul
    Table lamp anthracite flame effect incl. LED on solar IP44 - Carmul
    €18.95 €16.95
  8. Modern-exterior-wall-lamp-dark-gray-incl.-LED-IP54---Mal
    Modern exterior wall lamp dark gray incl. LED IP54 - Mal
  9. Modern-outdoor-lamp-post-dark-gray-80-cm-incl.-LED---Bar
    Modern outdoor lamp post dark gray 80 cm incl. LED - Bar
    €99.95 €52.95
  10. Modern-ceiling-lamp-steel-41-cm-IP44---Yuma
    Modern ceiling lamp steel 41 cm IP44 - Yuma
    €54.95 €27.95
  11. Solar-wall-light-IP44-steel-incl.-LED---Boston
    Solar wall light IP44 steel incl. LED - Boston
    €39.95 €29.95
  12. Industrial-Outdoor-Pole-50cm-Rust-Brown-IP44---Denmark
    Industrial Outdoor Pole 50cm Rust-Brown IP44 - Denmark
    €69.95 €50.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Romantic-outdoor-wall-lamp-bronze---London
    Romantic outdoor wall lamp bronze - London
  15. Modern-Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey---Humilis
    Modern Outdoor Wall Lamp Dark Grey - Humilis
    €54.95 €30.95
  16. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-stainless-steel-black-IP44---Jarra
    Modern outdoor wall lamp stainless steel black IP44 - Jarra
    €54.95 €49.95
  17. Classic-outdoor-wall-light-black-IP55---Lessie
    Classic outdoor wall light black IP55 - Lessie
    €38.95 €22.95
  18. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-with-Motion-Sensor-Anthracite-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor Anthracite IP44 - Duo
  19. Outdoor-ground-spot-steel-11cm-IP67---Basic-Round
    Outdoor ground spot steel 11cm IP67 - Basic Round
  20. Wall-lamp-with-motion-and-light-dark-sensor-on-solar---Daya
    Wall lamp with motion and light-dark sensor on solar - Daya
    €22.95 €19.95
  21. Modern-granite-outdoor-lamp-70-cm---Happy
    Modern granite outdoor lamp 70 cm - Happy
  22. Country-standing-lamp-110-cm-black-IP44---Anna
    Country standing lamp 110 cm black IP44 - Anna
    €109.00 €64.95
  23. Exterior-wall-light-anthracite-IP44---Kansas-graphite
    Exterior wall light anthracite IP44 - Kansas graphite
  24. Modern-wall-lamp-rust-brown-IP44---Hurricane-1
    Modern wall lamp rust brown IP44 - Hurricane 1
  25. Modern-built-in-lamp-dark-gray-IP44---Hurricane
    Modern built-in lamp dark gray IP44 - Hurricane
    €29.95 €13.95
  26. Modern-wall-lamp-black-26.8-cm-IP44---Jarra
    Modern wall lamp black 26.8 cm IP44 - Jarra
  27. Industrial-outdoor-ceiling-lamp-black-1-light---Rotterdam
    Industrial outdoor ceiling lamp black 1-light - Rotterdam
    €79.95 €45.95
  28. Wall-and-ceiling-light-brown-IP44---Nautica-round
    Wall and ceiling light brown IP44 - Nautica round
    €189.00 €115.00
  29. Set-of-3-Modern-Ground-Recessed-Spotlight-Black-IP67-incl.-LED---Ceci-2
    Set of 3 Modern Ground Recessed Spotlight Black IP67 incl. LED - Ceci 2
    €159.00 €91.95
  30. Table-lamp-black-with-flame-effect-incl.-LED-on-solar-IP44---Calero
    Table lamp black with flame effect incl. LED on solar IP44 - Calero
    €29.95 €26.95
  31. Black-spotlight-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-set-of-3-IP44---Sunshine
    Black spotlight incl. LED on solar energy set of 3 IP44 - Sunshine
    €32.95 €21.95
  32. Design-outdoor-wall-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-IP44---Bink-2
    Design outdoor wall lamp steel incl. LED IP44 - Bink 2
    €39.95 €15.95
  33. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Steel-IP44---Solo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Steel IP44 - Solo
    €21.95 €10.95
  34. Set-of-5-outdoor-ground-spots-stainless-steel-IP65---Delux
    Set of 5 outdoor ground spots stainless steel IP65 - Delux
    €369.00 €282.00
  35. Modern-Rectangle-Wall-Lamp-Steel-IP44---Rotterdam-1
    Modern Rectangle Wall Lamp Steel IP44 - Rotterdam 1
    €69.95 €62.95
  36. Modern-standing-outdoor-lamp-gray-40-cm---Sneezy
    Modern standing outdoor lamp gray 40 cm - Sneezy
    €479.00 €219.00
  37. Modern-ceiling-lamp-black-22.6-cm-IP44---Jarra
    Modern ceiling lamp black 22.6 cm IP44 - Jarra
457 Items
Set Descending Direction

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights are ideal to provide additional lighting or to decorate your garden, terrace and driveway. Outdoor lights come in different forms which are suitable for different functions. Outdoor lamps all come with IP classification that indicate the level of protection against water and dust, IP44 protected against splashing water to IP65 and above that are protected against heavy water and dust. In our large selection of outdoor lights you are sure to find beautiful and an ideal lamp that will suit your needs from LED lights, ground spotIights to outdoor wall lights and bollards. Depending on what type of style or atmosphere you would like to create, you have vast options of lamps to choose from. For your terrace or deck choose from the wide range of decorative ground spotlights that will emit light beautifully, spike LED lighting for your rose bed or garden bushes, what about floor or table lamps to enhance lighting or to create a beautiful cosy and atmospheric light. A large range of lamps with sensors for your front door or LED flood lights to provide powerful lighting for areas such as your garage. We have a large and decorative environmentally friendly and energy efficient solar lights to become part of your outdoor & outside lighting.

Decorative Outdoor lights with unique features.

At lampandlight.ie you will find a large collection of decorative and unique lights that will add colour and style to your garden or patio. Choose from our range of bollards that come in different colours and sizes that will light up your garden pathway or driveway. How about our energy efficient LED lights that will continue to illuminate in your chosen area for many years or how about our wall or ceiling lights that come with motion sensors that could be an additional security lighting that you may need. Our ground spotlights that can go deep into underground is very well protected against damage and are waterproof, some of our ground spotlights can take up to 5000KG weight therefore allowing it to be ideal for your driveway. Our spike or garden poles are perfect for highlighting trees and flowers in the evening, creating beautiful and welcoming atmosphere during the summer evenings. Opt out for RGB colourful LED lights or LED bulbs to add colour to where you want in your garden.

Need help or advice when it comes to outside lighting?

At lampandlight.ie you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right outdoor lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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