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atmosphere in your garden

Looking to create an ambiance in your garden? Create an atmospheric lighting plan!


Garden lighting should be functional as well as contributing to the atmosphere outdoors. If you have worked hard to create a beautiful garden, obviously you would still want to enjoy it after the sun goes down. With the right atmospheric lighting, you can give your garden the attention it deserves while ensuring a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.


Step back and take a look

Take a good look at your garden. Are there special areas that you would like to highlight? Perhaps a particular flower bed or a garden ornament? Maybe you would like to shine light on your pond or fence? Or maybe a big tall tree needs some extra attention.

mood lighting plan

Mood lighting

Functional lighting is present in your garden to ensure that sufficient light is given to the places where it is needed. However does not usually contribute to your gardens ambience. For this you need atmospheric lighting. While these lights will not usually provide you with enough functional light, they will help to create a beautiful atmosphere in your garden.

mood lighting plan

Make a light plan

Once you have determined where your functional lighting is located on your lighting plan, you can now look towards adding your atmospheric lighting to your garden. If you need advice on functional garden lighting, you can read about it further on our functional garden lighting page. Once you have drawn your garden plan to scale, locate on your plan where exactly you would like to create an atmosphere. Indicate clearly what materials you will need for this, such as if you have sufficient electrical cabling in the desired ares. Also think about what kind of lighting would work best, such as a ground spot, an outdoor floor lamp or outdoor string lights for example. Once you have added these things to your plan, it will give you a clearer idea on what the final result will look like.

mood lighting plan

Need help?

A lighting plan is helpful for illuminating an attractive garden, but people often leave this step out. If you have any questions while creating your plan, please feel free to contact us!

If you require assistance or have questions, please contact us.

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