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Bedroom lighting

Stylish, relaxing and practical lamps for your bedroom all available for you today!
We stock a large range of bedroom lights! From relaxing and soothing ceiling lights to adjustable and decorative reading lights in the form of wall lights, table lights or floor lights! With us you´ll find the right light that will suit your bedroom!

Bedroom lighting
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  1. Ceiling-Lamp-with-20cm-Velvet-Ochre-Shade---Combi-Black
    Ceiling Lamp with 20cm Velvet Ochre Shade - Combi Black
    €57.95 €32.95
  2. Modern-floor-lamp-white-with-corn-cap-50-cm---Puros
    Modern floor lamp white with corn cap 50 cm - Puros
    €209.00 €113.00
  3. Art-deco-table-lamp-black-velvet-shade-yellow-50-cm---Diverso
    Art deco table lamp black velvet shade yellow 50 cm - Diverso
    €189.00 €81.95
  4. Rural-hanging-lamp-yellow-velvet-with-cane-45-cm---Frills-Can
    Rural hanging lamp yellow velvet with cane 45 cm - Frills Can
    €159.00 €67.95
  5. Rural-hanging-lamp-yellow-velvet-with-cane-45-cm---Frills-Can
    Rural hanging lamp yellow velvet with cane 45 cm - Frills Can
    €199.00 €85.95
  6. Rural-hanging-lamp-yellow-velvet-with-cane-60-cm---Frills-Can
    Rural hanging lamp yellow velvet with cane 60 cm - Frills Can
    €169.00 €70.95
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  7. Steel-arc-lamp-with-yellow-shade-35/35/20---XXL
    Steel arc lamp with yellow shade 35/35/20 - XXL
    €219.00 €108.00
  8. Wall-lamp-black-with-velor-yellow-shade---Stacca
    Wall lamp black with velor yellow shade - Stacca
  9. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-white-with-50cm-Maize-Shade---Combi-1
    Modern Pendant Lamp white with 50cm Maize Shade - Combi 1
  10. Classic-wall-lamp-black-with-yellow-velor-shade---Matt
    Classic wall lamp black with yellow velor shade - Matt
    €69.95 €44.95
  11. Retro-hanging-lamp-gold-45-cm---Granny
    Retro hanging lamp gold 45 cm - Granny
    €94.95 €51.95
  12. Arc-lamp-black-with-velor-shade-ocher-yellow-with-gold-50-cm---XXL
    Arc lamp black with velor shade ocher yellow with gold 50 cm - XXL
  13. lampandlight-forest

  14. Hanging-lamp-black-with-shade-35-cm-yellow-adjustable---Blitz-I
    Hanging lamp black with shade 35 cm yellow adjustable - Blitz I
    €139.00 €57.95
  15. Steel-wall-arc-lamp-with-shade-yellow-35/35/20-adjustable
    Steel wall arc lamp with shade yellow 35/35/20 adjustable
    €139.00 €53.95
  16. Floor-lamp-tripod-black-with-yellow-shade-and-gold-50-cm---Puros
    Floor lamp tripod black with yellow shade and gold 50 cm - Puros
    €249.00 €121.00
  17. Hanging-lamp-with-velor-shades-yellow-with-gold-20cm---Combi-3-Deluxe
    Hanging lamp with velor shades yellow with gold 20cm - Combi 3 Deluxe
    €219.00 €66.95
  18. Floor-Lamp-Grey-with-45cm-Gold-Granny-Shade---Classico
    Floor Lamp Grey with 45cm Gold Granny Shade - Classico
    €209.00 €91.95
  19. Hanging-lamp-with-velor-shade-ocher-with-gold-35-cm---Blitz-I-black
    Hanging lamp with velor shade ocher with gold 35 cm - Blitz I black
  20. Art-Deco-floor-lamp-black-with-yellow-shade-40-cm---Simplo
    Art Deco floor lamp black with yellow shade 40 cm - Simplo
    €149.00 €67.95
23 Items
Set Descending Direction

Bedroom lighting

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, therefore we understand the need to have a cosy, warm and welcoming feeling when you enter it. We have a large selection of bedroom lighting that are available in various sizes and types. Beautiful bedside table lamps with fabric shades to touch lamps for convenience and functionality to pendant and ceiling lights to suit the size of your bedroom. Opt out for LED spotlights or wall lamps with reading arm for practical reading purposes. Find all of those and more at!

Stylish and practical lamps for your bedroom!

Our range of bedroom lamps will give you a decorative yet practical lighting to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Each bedroom is different and everyone has their own unique designs and decor. Some might like warm lighting using energy efficient LED lights and a cosy atmosphere with our table lamps with shade and others might light more of a modern and sleek wall lamps with reading arm, others have limited space in their bedroom therefore opting out with LED spotlights. With our range of bedroom lights you can find all types of lamps that will suit your style and decor. From spotlights to wall lamps or LED lights to ceiling lights can all be found at

Need help finding the perfect bedroom lights?

Let us help you. At you will find a large selection bedroom lights, therefore choosing the right light that is suitable for your bedroom could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find an ideal and suitable bedroom lights.


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