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Installing spotlights? Here's how!

Installing surface-mounted spotlights can be complicated for some. However, with our instructions it can be an easy job!


What you need:

  • Electrical tester

  • Pair of pliers

  • Screwdriver

  • Screws and plugs

  • Drill

  • Possibly an Impact Drill


What you need

Step 1. Turn off the power

Switch off any active power surrounding the installation area before you start installing your spotlights. Use an electrical tester to determine that there is no active power supply to the wires.

Step 1. Turn off the power

Step 2. Attach the mounting bracket

Unscrew the mounting bracket from the fixture and use the screws to attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling or wall. Depending on your home you will need to attach the mounting bracket either to the main supply box or attach directly on to the ceiling/wall. In older homes, you may not have direct mains supply box in which case holes will need to be be drilled into the ceiling/wall first and then the mounting bracket placed over the top.

Step 2. Attach the spotlight

Step 3. Attach the electrical wires to the terminal block

Now its time to connect electrical wires to the light. You start by removing a little bit of the plastic surrounding the connection wires up to 0.5cm from the black and blue wire. The lamp wire insertion has two to three openings, two of these are black and blue wire and sometimes in the middle you will find an opening for an earthed wire (yellow-green wire). If your spotlight is earthed, ensure you also connect this wire to the insertion of the spotlight opening and screw them tightly with a screwdriver.

Step 3. Attach the electrical wires to the terminal block

Step 4. Attach the spotlight

After the mounting bracket is secure, place the fixture over the bracket and screw into place. This usually involves two screws on the either side of the mounting bracket.

Step 4. Attach the pendant lamp

Step 5. Insert light bulb

Now that the spotlight is fully installed, its time to insert a light bulb and turn the power back on. Often there is no light bulb that comes with a spotlight, therefore it is important that you find a compatible light source to use. You will be able to find the right bulb for your needs on our website, you would also be able to see the maximum wattage required on the box that the lamp has arrived in. Once the power is on and light bulb is inserted, place the cover back on if this is required and turn on your lamp and see it come to life!

Step 5. Insert light bulb

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