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Attaching a lamp to a ceiling plate? Here's how!

Here at lampandlight.ie , we sell ceiling plates in various sizes and colours. These ceiling plates can attach several lamps to your ceiling neatly and to contribute to a sleek look. Here are some tips to install the lamps correctly.


What you need:

  • Impact Drill

  • Screwdriver

  • Screws, nuts and plugs

  • Your chosen lamps

  • Drill


What you need

Step 1. Turn off the power

Switch off any active power before installing your lamps. Use an electrical tester to determine that there is no active power supply to the wires. If the electrical tester is not lit, then there is no active power present.

Turn off the power

Step 2. Remove the original ceiling plate from the selected lamps

The original ceiling plates are no longer needed, therefore start by unscrewing the ceiling plates from the lamps you wish to hang and loosen the terminal blocks.

Remove the original ceiling plate from the selected lamps

Step 3. Drill holes in ceiling plate

Drill the required number of holes needed into your ceiling plate depending on how many pendant lights you are attaching. Pass the cable through the hole and secure with a nut in the inside of the new ceiling plate. Repeat this process with the remaining pendant lamps.

Drill holes in ceiling plate

Step 4. Connect the lamps

The ceiling plate needs to align with the mains connection to provide power to the lamps you will install on to the ceiling plate. Depending on the number of lamps you want to install on to the ceiling plate, each one of these lamp will need power to light up and this can be done by connecting all of the lamps to a central connector block. Group all the blue wires to one opening and the black wires to the other opening, the lamps are earthed connect all the yellow-green wires to the middle opening. If you have a lot of lamps that you need to connect but can´t all fit under one connector block this can simply be done by acquiring extra wires and connector block, create a daisy chain by screwing each wire from one connector block to another, repeat this until all the wiring and the lamps are connected. Remember that if the light is earthed (yellow-green wire) ensure that the same procedure is done except this wire needs to be connected to the middle opening. Through this action you can have several lamps by using one ceiling plate.

Connect the lamps

Step 5. Attach the ceiling plate to the ceiling

Drill a hole on both sides of the ceiling plate and drill holes in the ceiling the same distance apart and insert the screw plugs. Attach the ceiling plate over the drilled holes and secure with the screws. Your lamps are now complete!

Attach the ceiling plate to the ceiling

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