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Installing a wall lamp? Here's how!

Have you finally found a perfect wall lamp to go above your bedside table or desk but you don't know how to install it? The following instructions will show you how!


What you need:

  • Electrical tester

  • Drill

  • Pair of pliers

  • Screwdriver

  • Screws and plugs

  • Possibly an Impact Drill


What you need

Step 1. Turn off the power

Switch off any active power before installing your wall lamp. Use an electrical tester to determine that there is no active power supply to the wires. If the electrical tester is not lit, then there is no active power present.

Step 1. Turn off the power

Step 2. Attach the mounting bracket

Loosen the fastening bracket from the wall lamp with a screwdriver and screw it against the wall with the screw plugs.

Step 2. Attach the ceiling bracket

Step 3. Connect the wires to the wall lamp

Make sure there is an available mains connection in the area you want to mount your wall lamp. Usually there are either two or three wires to connect to the mains, a black and blue wire or an additional third wire if the wall lamp is earthed/grounded is yellow-green. Start stripping back little bit of the plastic surrounding the wires up to 0.5cm from the black and blue wire and if there is a earthed/ground wire strip that also. The connector block has two to three openings, two of these are black and blue wire and sometimes in the middle you will find an opening for an earthed wire (yellow-green wire). If your wall lamp is earthed, ensure you connect this wire to the middle opening, for the black and blue wire it doesn matter which opening you use. Once all wires are inserted through the connector block screw it tightly with a screw driver and ensure that there is no loose wire.

Step 3. Connect the wires to the ceiling lamp

Step 4. Attach the wall lamp

Attach the wall lamp to the mounted bracket on the wall. Usually you raise the light up to the mounting bracket already attached to the wall with the two screws on each side.

Step 4. Attach the pendant lamp

Step 5. Insert light bulb

Now that the wall lamp is fully installed, its time to insert a light bulb and turn the power back on. Often there is no light bulb that comes with a wall lamp, therefore it is important that you find a compatible light source to use. You will be able to find the right bulb for your needs on our website, you would also be able to see the maximum wattage required on the box that the lamp has arrived in. Once the power is on and light bulb is inserted, place the cover back on if this is required and turn on your lamp and see it come to life!

Setze das Leuchtmittel ein

Step 6: Attaching a cord and plug to a wall lamp

Would you like a cord and plug for you wall lamp? This can easily be done. A cord and plug can be attached to the connector block of the wall lamp, this will allow the cord and plug to dangle from the back of the wall lamp so that you can plug it into a socket nearby. If you would like the cord and plug to be discreet and more fitted and not dangly, then drill a small hole where the connecting wire can fit through on the actual body of the wall lamp and insert it directly on to the connector block.

Een stekker aan een wandlamp bevestigen

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