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Installing a rail track? Here's how!

With a rail track, you are able to mount multiple spotlight in a row. The following instructions will show you how to do it!


What you need:

  • Tape-measure

  • Screws and plugs

  • Pencil

  • Screwdriver

  • Electrical tester


What you need

Step 1. Select the location of the rail track and turn off the power

If you are going to install a rail track, make sure that you have a flow point on one side of the rail that allows you to power it. Ensure that you carefully consider this when choosing the location of where you will be installing the rail track. Make sure that the power is completely off and double check it with an electrical tester.

Select the location of the rail track and turn off the power

Step 2. Attach the rail track to the ceiling

A rail is likely to have one or more joints, you use connectors to attach the rails together. Choose where you want the rails to be attached exactly on the ceiling using a pencil to mark positions, drill holes and attach the rail track/s using screws provided to the ceiling. "

Attach the rail track to the ceiling

Step 3. Connect the wires to the main

Now its time to connect electrical wires to the light, check again that all power is off. Start peeling a bit of the plastic surrounding the connection wires up to 0.5cm from the black and blue wire, no m ore than that other wise the wiring will be too exposed and dangerous. The lamp wire insertion has two to three openings, two of these are black and blue wire and sometimes you will find an opening for an earthed wire (yellow-green wire) connect them all together to the main, don´t worry if the lamp doesn´t have an earthed wire. Ensure that all connecting wires are fitted well into your conencting mains and there are no loose cables.

Connect the wires to the pendant lamp

Step 4. Attach the spotlights on the rails

Now that you have installed the rail track where you wanted it, you can attach the spotlights where you want it on the rail. Always make sure the power is off when you want to freely move the spotlights where you want it, usually spotlights are attached with a simple click system that is already available on the rail track. No tools are needed for this part. This is how simple it is to install a rail track!

Attach the spotlights on the rails

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