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Strength of Nature

Breathe with the Strength of Nature living style

In our society in which we increasingly (are forced to) work from home, we sometimes want to escape our busy lives. A quiet interior that radiates so much tranquility that you feel like you are in nature: in our opinion, that is really a must. Do you agree with this? Then “Strength of Nature” is your best friend! This style creates a unity in your interior where you can completely relax, but at the same time it has a trendy look. Read more about this adventurous living style below!

The perfect foundation? Natural light !

By allowing a lot of natural light into the house, this living style really comes to life. Lots of light creates a spacious feeling, making the room feel less cramped. Large windows obviously provide a lot of light, but if you don't have this luxury, there are fortunately other solutions: The use of linen curtains in a light color, the smart use of mirrors (reflecting light) or with the help of daylight lamps!

Materials with a natural touch

Enough light? Then we can start decorating the interior. When we think of materials from nature, we often think of wood, leather, bamboo, rattan or linen. These are also the materials that are most common in the Strength of Nature trend. Our most important tip: don't be afraid to mix and experiment with different materials. Playfulness is welcome in a Strength of Nature living style, after all, nature itself is not perfect either!

This playfulness is also reflected in the shapes that return within Strength of Nature. No clean lines, but convex, round and braided materials. This is reflected in the entire interior. The furniture, accessories and lighting have organic shapes. You can think of a beautiful round vase, a leather armchair with soft cushions or a cool oriental wall lamp made of bamboo. A nice woolen plaid and plants can also be nice additions.

The Strength of Nature color palette

The use of color in this natural living style is calm. We mainly see brown, white, cream and gray-green shades. Want to add a little more spice? Ocher yellow and red-brown accents work well in this trend! They are easy to combine with the base and you can use them creatively in your accessories, material and lighting choices.

Lighting in this living style is indispensable, just like natural light! You can basically go either way with this. A cool hanging lamp with a large, rattan lampshade for above the dining table? Go for it! A floor lamp with bamboo elements or a wooden table lamp for the reading corner? Why not? As long as the natural elements return and the interior does not become too crowded, it is completely in line with Strength of Nature!


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