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Different light bulb fittings at a glance

There are more than 100 different bulb fittings for lamps. However, we have listed the 8 most common and used bulbs for you and the type of lamps they are most suitable for. Bulb types that start with E are screw fittings and those that start with GU are click fittings.

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What is colour temperature (Kelvin)?

Colour temperature of a lighting is measured by the colour output of a light and it is expressed in a unit called Kelvin (K). The higher the number of Kelvin, the 'colder' or 'cooler' the light is and it is usually white colour, the lower the number of Kelvin is the 'warmer' and more yellower the light is.

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Everything about wifi bulbs

Lighting is the ultimate atmosphere creator in your home. To provide the perfect ambiance even more there are now smart Wifi operated LED bulbs from LUEDD allowing you to easily control lighting atmosphere in your home with the click of a button.

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The benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting has become more and more popular to be used and people are starting to choose to replace their standard halogen lighting to LED. But why? What are the advantages of LED lighting?

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Smart LED Lighting

We are using more and more smart technology at home and this is only expected to continue in the coming years. This is now found in lighting and you will find different types of smart LED lights with handy features!

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