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What are lumen and watt?

Until recently the power of a light was defined by its wattage, however nowadays you will see that some lighting packages will also show lumens. The difference between lumen and watt is that lumen is a unit for the amount of light/brightness produced by a light source, whereas a watt is the unit that measured the amount of energy/power required to operate a light. Lumen is actually a better way of knowing how bright a bulb really is as it indicates the light intensity and the output of that specific light whereas watt only indicates the energy consumption of the light. So the higher the lumen output is the brighter the light is, this is why now lumen is at the forefront on bulb and light packages when it comes to indicating brightness.



It is impossible to convert wattages to lumen, they are two completely different measuring units. It used to be indicated that a higher wattage would give out a certain amount of light, however that has changed as it's now more understood that even low wattage lights can give out a lot of light output also. Therefore, for this reason watts cannot be converted into lumens. So now its best to look at the lumen output of a light source rather than the wattage.


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