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Cable Cord & plugs:
do's and don'ts!


In this page you will find relevant information about cable cord and plugs. First of all It's important to know that a cable cord and plug is to be used to be wired to a lamp or devide in order to plug it into a socket. We'll explain here how to connect a cable cord and plug to a lamp for you to easily plug it straight into a wall socket.

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The difference between earthed and non-earthed socket plugs:

Its important to understand when it comes to plugs the difference between earthed and non-earthed plugs. An earthed plug has three wires and each come in different colours:

Yellow/Green wire: this is the earth wire, this is double insulated lamp and acts as a protective conductor to prevent electrical shock and/or fire. Earthed wire lights are mostly needed in damp areas of your home to prevent a short circuit from happening, if for example a light short circuits and some form of defect takes place within the lamp, automatically the lamp protects and the voltage is removed and travels to earth.

Brown wire: This is the live wire, this is where the main power supply runs through and there is always voltage in this one. This is the Plus Wire.

Blue wire: This is the minus wire, there is no voltage in this one and only ensures that it discharges electricity. This is the Minus or Zero wire.

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Do you want to connect a cable cord and plug to your lamp?

Do you have a lamp that you would like to convert into a cord and plug use? This is easily done! Simply get a cord and plug, with or without switch depending on how you would like the lamp to function. Easily connect the cord to your existing lamp and plug it into your socket! We have a wide range of different colours and lengths when it comes to cord plugs!

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