Spring is on its way! Are you ready for some Spring cleaning in your garden?

As winters draws to an end and the first signs of Spring start to show, we all start to think about the ways to get our garden back. Time to roll up your sleeves, get your wellies on as we share top tips and tricks as to how to Spring clean your garden this year. In this blog post we will talk about trends and styles that will transform your garden for the rest of the year!

Atmospheric garden lightsStaaflamp Ampolla LED aluminium

As far as we are concerned lighting is an important part of your garden, not only for style and decor but for functionality and lighting purpose too. There are several ways to light up your garden, from ground and spike spotlights perfect for illuminating trees or rose beds to wall lights and lanterns to match your decor and give you great light output. However, there are other quirky and different ways to get atmospheric lighting, take for example this LED tube stick that has a switch button allowing you to eaily insert into a bottle to create an ingenious and charming atmosphere. Perfect for spring and summer evenings, insert the LED stick into an empty wine bottle or group different coloured glass bottles together with the LED light in it and create an atmospheric and soft lighting within your garden space.


A garden lounge

The best way to enjoy and relax in your garden fully is to have a comfortable and practical lounge area. You don’t need a huge space or a large garden to create a lounging area in your garden, this can be easily achieved by working with what you already have. A decking area with a closed roof is perfect if you have a large and wide space available or an open extention from your home that could lead into your garden, you could use the same flooring tiles or colour to give it a continous effect when the doors are open either from your living room or kitchen. The perfect garden lounge needs to have comfortable seating yet trendy to blend in with its surrounding, latest trend is scaffold wood furniture as it gives it a natural and blending style with the rest of your garden but keeps it quirky and unique look to your garden.


The perfect garden path

Creating a path in your garden gives it a different look, it is both practical and decorative in the sense of you needing to be able to wallk in your garden without getting all muddy and the way you design the path determins the overall look of your garden. You can also accentuate your garden path by adding ground spotlights to provide great lighting but also create an atmospheric light in the evenings. Apart from lighting, you can decorate your garden path with flower beds or your favourite plants. Pave the way in your garden!


Get gardening!

Spring is the perfect time to get involved when it comes to gardening! Do you have a green thumb? Why not grow your own vegetables as it really doesn’t require a lot of space, create your own allotment in your garden for growing your favourite and organic vegetables. Do you prefer growing different plants instead, why not go for a small greenhouse at the back of your garden in which you are able to use and maintain your plants all year round. Be inspired and get gardening!


This blog post is for you to get some ideas and get inspired to transform your garden. However, always remember that you are the designer and you need to always work with what you like in regards to style and decor, we can only give you the little push that you need to get started!

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