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The Rural Decor Style

Rural decor and design is not just for the inside of your home but can be extended to your garden, terrace and balcony. You can create a rural inspired decor for your garden and home to provide a space that will become a peaceful and sanctuary place for you. Natural colours, rustic furniture and warm materials are the key elements to rural inspired decor, combinations of these styles and designs are key to a fresh and peaceful atmosphere. Accessories are very important in this chosen style as it fills the space to add warmth and striking element to the overall decor, so a simple table lamp in your living room or a flowerpot at the corner of your garden are just some of the ideas to get you started on a rural inspired decor.

Think of the space

Rural inspired decor is renowned for its warm and cosy atmosphere, so think of the available space. A rural style will need an element of cosiness to provide warmth and closeness, however you do not want a cramped space where it loses the overall tranquility that the rural inspired decor provides. Go for two large accessories that will be noticed immediately in your chosen area but ensure that there is enough space in between them so that it stays within the overall design theme of tranquility.

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The right materials for a rural decor and style

Rural inspired decor doesn’t work well with steel, wood and concrete as they are foreign materials to the style, these types of materials work with Industrial inspired decor and with rural decor. Processed wood panels, animal skin rugs or throws, fabric sofas, porcelain vases and flower pots give the ultimate inspired rural style and decor and the signature look. Other accessories you can add to a rural inspired style are wicker baskets, square carpets and coffee tables with glass tops. You can transform and combine these natural materials and styles ito create a beautiful, cosy and warm space.

Introduce rural lamps into your decor

The use of lighting in a rural inspired decor is very important, a rural pendant lamp, floor and table lamps or chandelier can be used as a statement maker for the entire room. Rural lamps are available in all kinds of beautiful shapes, sizes, colours and materials to give your home the look you want. With a rural wall or pendant lamp, you can provide your living or dining room a striking yet warm atmospheric lighting. Give your home the complete style and design that you want with our rural inspired lamps of your choice that are all available on our website.

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