Four defining style trends of 2018

Its starting to become clear which style trends are taking over 2018! In this blog post we will talk about the four defining style trends for your home and break down each trend and recommend which of our lamps complement specific style. Get inspired!

Modern Clean

Less is more when it comes to a Modern Clean decor! Sleek, minimal and spacious are the main keywords when  Floor Lamp Tripod Classic Grey with Black Cylinder Shade it comes to this trend, form and symmetry are also important in this style. With a Modern Clean style, it is not about quirkiness and eccentric design or bold and eye catching colours, its called ´Modern Clean´ for a reason, its about simplicity and and tasteful design with neutral colours. Its all about the attitude it represents, if you´re into contemporary styles and decor then this trend is perfect for you as its all about keeping streamlined and clean. A lamp that fits perfectly within this trend is our very collection of the Floor Lamp Tripod Classics!

New Romantics

New Romantics is a reinvented trend made of a mix of yesteryear styles that works very well with modern designFloor Lamp Accia Copper with Shade Granny B 45cm Black with Grey. As the name defines itself, this trend is all about Romanticism as words such as elegance, graceful and charming are core concepts that are mixed with vintage french or oriental designs along with Art Deco styles that complements the overall look. Combine warm and soft colours to create a distinctive romantic vibe with a hint of classic and vintage styles from different eras. We recommend the Granny lamps we have available online!

Raw Urban

A noteworthy trend that is popular so far in 2018 is the Raw Urban trend, this style defines itself as it is raw, Hanglamp Engine roest met gouden binnenkantrugged and robust that works in urban settings. Raw Urban decor usually has robust appearances with sturdy and rusty materials that fits in very well in large open spaces that already has visible industrial design. Biggest statement makers in a Raw Urban style are usually industrial lamps that are coarse with a hint of vintage. The Perfect example of a rugged and robust industrial lamp is the Engine pendant light!

Organic Nature

The Organic Nature trend is about bringing outside indoors! Natural materials work beautifully within this trend Landelijke tafellamp groen met beige - Silhouettesand complement it with soft and neutral colours such as beige, cream and taupes but most importantly is the use of houseplants to add the natural aspect of this complete trend. The perfect lamp that will match this organic style and trend is the Silhouette table lamps!

Trends and style change yearly, so for this year we have outlined the four defining trends of 2018. However, always remember that it is important to add your own characteristics and personal twist in every style, it is easy to follow trend, however your home also needs a little something about yourself to make it more homely!

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