Copper is the new ´it´ colour! These are our five favourite copper lamps!

Copper is the new colour that is sweeping many home decors and styles! More and more people are starting to transform their chosen areas by adding accents of copper to complement their decor and play a significant role. Copper can be used in may ways, it can easily be added to an industrial inspired decor with a raw look and at the same time it can also be used in a modern decor when you have sleek and minimal design concept. Regardless of how you use copper we know that it can easily fit into several styles and trends, we have put together a selection of our favourite copper lamps!

Yorick Tafellamp Yorick koper

The perfect copper table lamp that will stand out! The Yorick falls perfectly within a modern inspired decor, it is stylish and minimalistic and comes complete with adjustable arm and shade so that the light can be directed to any position that will suit you best, the best feature is the robust marble base that holds the lamp in place. Perfect as an office desk lamp, as a bedside table lamp or simply as a decorative feature in your living room. Get the table lamp Yorick copper and see it transform your chosen space!


If you are looking for a simple yet striking lamp then the pendant lamp Ball copper is for you! A beautiful and modern pendant light with clear glass shade yet with a striking copper accent is the perfect combination to be a true statement maker in your living room, hallway or several grouped together above your kitchen island. Highly stylish that will create the perfect atmospeheric and warm lighting when you pair it with a decorative filament bulb. The Ball will surely transform any area you choose to mount it in!

The Hangman

Quirky and fun wall lamp that ´hangs’, the Hangman is the is the perfect addition to your home! The Hangman is 2in1, it is a wall lamp that also hangs as a pendant lamp and suits every type of trend and style adding charm, simplicty and character. Wooden wall bracket in taupe and a simple and sleek light with a copper accent are the two perfect colour combinations to suit your style and decor, complete with easy access to the on/off switch located on the cable. The perfect bedside wall lights, near your sofa as the ideal reading light or to create ambiance during the evening, endless possibilities when it comes to the Hangman!

Burn 2 

The Burn 2 (image at the top) is more of an industrial inspired pendant lamp. Rustic copper finish with a golden inner shade is the perfect combination and striking colours to emit when switched on, a definite statement maker due to its appearance and finish. The Burn 2 will add style and rawness to an industrial inspired style and decor.


The Tommy floor lamp has been one of the most popular floor lamps in our range and we know why! This very stylish, simple and practical floor lamp is not only easy to use but also fits in very well in both modern and industrial decors. The copper finish allows the lamp to be striking in colour yet soft when switched on to create an atmospheric and warm lighting. The floor lamp Tommy 3 copper has 3 adjustable shades allowing you to direct light where it suits you best individually, perfect in the corner of your living room, office or even as a bedroom light!

Trends and style change yearly, so for this year we have outlined that copper is the ´it´ colour so far in trend this year. However, always remember that it is important to add your own characteristics and personal twist in every style, it is easy to follow trend, however your home also needs a little something about yourself to make it more homely!

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